A New Direction and Vintage Inspired Welsh Knits...

A New Direction and Vintage Inspired Welsh Knits...

I'm changing tact slightly here at Little Red. 2017 is going to be all about brands that I believe in and pairing back to a carefully selected handful of collections that compliment each other.

So, with that in mind, our latest new collection from Mabli Knits is yet another homegrown brand, like Molly & Moo last week and one I hope you'll love equally as much as I do. It features vintage inspired Welsh tapestry prints and stripes in a range of super soft merino wool jumpers, blankets & socks.

Mabli Vintage Welsh Tapestry Inspired Socks at Little Red
The perfect choice for little ones, Merino Wool is hypoallergenic, helps to regulate body temperature and repels moisture. It's very soft against the skin and is machine-washable, as well as being a sustainable fibre. It has the perfect mix of practicality and luxury.

The Mabli range can be worn alone as comfy lounge wear or layered, so whether you're having a cosy day indoors, going to explore the great outdoors or hitting the slopes on a skiing holiday it's a winning combination of style, comfort and warmth.
Mabli knits at Little Red
We're big fans in our house having road tested the first collection in Autumn last year. Here's Little Red in the blue & ecru stipe skinny rib under another of our favourite's the Milou & Pilou pinafore dress (keep an eye out for news of M&P coming to Little Red in a few weeks) and Condor knee high socks. So we're very excited to be able to share this new brand with you too. 

Mabli Knit Skinny Rib Top at Little Red Kids

Prices start from £12.50 for the socks - see the full early Spring collection here  

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