Little Red the beginning

A mum of two girls, I have indulged in buying them both beautiful clothing since they were born and it’s fair to say that they are often better turned out than me and have far more colourful wardrobes than I do! With my love of buying children’s clothing (and selling it too) it seemed only right that I turned my hobby into a business.

Little Red is not entirely new, the thought of running my own children’s clothing business had lingered for some years and when the opportunity presented itself to buy a business that was closing down, I jumped at the chance. The timing wasn’t great, my youngest daughter was in hospital and was to be there for many weeks to come, but it was the opportunity I’d been waiting for.

Several months have passed since that fateful day and much time has been spent contacting new and old suppliers, creating a new brand and a new identity. Finally we are ready to launch Little Red to the world.

The character and name are based on my own little redhead, my daughter Lily and as we grow you will meet other characters too. Initially Little Red will offer clothing for children between the ages of 0-7 years. Over time we'll extend both the number of brands and product offerings, as well as ultimately diversifying into other children’s lifestyle product lines, from toys to nursery decorations and furnishings. My mind is buzzing full of ideas and we already have several fab new brands lined up for next Spring, but I'll save that for another post.

I hope you will join us in our new adventure and follow where Little Red goes.

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